Patient Experience and Treatment Protocols

Preparing for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Before undergoing HBOT, patients are typically advised to wear comfortable, cotton clothing and to avoid using any petroleum-based products like lotions or hair sprays, as they can be a fire hazard in a high-oxygen environment. A thorough medical evaluation is conducted to assess the patient’s suitability for HBOT and identify any potential risks. Patients are also briefed on what to expect during the therapy, including the sensations associated with pressure changes and the overall duration of each session.

What Patients Can Expect During Treatment

During an HBOT session, patients enter the hyperbaric chamber, either alone in a monoplace chamber or with others in a multiplace chamber. As the pressure increases, patients may feel a fullness in their ears, similar to the sensation experienced during an airplane’s ascent or descent. Communication with the outside is maintained throughout the session, and staff monitor patients continuously for any discomfort or medical issues. Sessions typically last between 60 to 90 minutes, during which patients can rest, sleep, or watch TV in some chambers.

Post-Treatment Care and Considerations

After an HBOT session, patients might feel slightly fatigued or lightheaded, though these effects usually subside quickly. It’s important for patients to hydrate well and rest if needed. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the treatment’s effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments. Patients are also advised to report any side effects, such as ear pain or changes in vision, to their healthcare provider immediately.

The Complete Guide To Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy